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    oakley sunglasses outlet sale in March 2010 study (excluding 10%), this information is only the Chinese mainland consumers in the purchase of luxury goods costs Released a more optimistic: the total value of luxury goods in China in 2015 is expected to reach 248 billion yuan. China to replace Japan as the world 's first luxury consumer country just around the corner. The explosive growth in luxury consumption in mainland China Is in sharp contrast to the gloomy situation of luxury consumption in the global mature consumer market under the influence of the financial crisis in the past two years. Since the recession, the total scale of global luxury consumption has increased from 2008 Down from US $ 167 While China's luxury consumption in recent years has been more than 20% growth rate (higher than GDP growth of 3 times) in 2009, down by 8% year-on-year. . In fact, China has rapidly from a luxury processing base, into a luxury consumer base, China will continue to drive the demand for luxury goods and services, but also discount oakley sunglasses

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    oakley outlet in particular stressed: the high consumption patterns should be the depletion of the Earth's ecological resources bear the primary responsibility, leaders need to take practical measures to curb excessive consumption and population expansion on the adverse effects of the Earth. Faced with such a world , designers can not continue in the pursuit of rapid economic development, the principle of maximizing the interests of the industrial era of identity, Einstein said, 'to survive the crisis, can not rely on the crisis caused by way of thinking. In the twenty -first century, designers should not be blindly to show their individuality, to create a short time popular consumer promoters, we face the crisis is no longer a regional, national category, this is the first time in history All human beings to face, to solve the problem, in the face of this crisis, everyone is responsible, everyone is equal, without exception, the crisis so that people around the world deeply aware of: We are one, whether developed or Developing countries oakley sunglasses outlet store

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    cheap oakley sunglasses outlet to share the wisdom of the feast, then I elaborate on the topic and the Internet is closely related to this topic in the talk before the first to share with you a group of people, Data: As of 2013, China's Internet population of 630 million, penetration rate of 46%, the number of mobile Internet users up to 500 million, 020 online business users of Chinese food scale more than 200 million online education market in China more than 84 billion yuan to China's online travel market is expected to reach 75 billion yuan by 2016. The tide of Internet tide with its unstoppable trend of rapid infiltration of many industries of blood vessels, these data all the time to remind our entrepreneurs : Now is the era of the Internet, if you do not enter the online market, then the future you will be no bread can be divided, but the fact that it is true online market and offline market, such as two distinct battlefield, Marketing, the election of the battlefield is the key.Then, how canWe choose the battlefield, first of all, you need to ask oakley sunglasses factory outlet